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At Kenneth Fletcher Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I am committed to helping you  achieve optimal health and balance while restoring lost vitality. I integrate Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with modern information and techniques to help alleviate various physical and emotional conditions affecting the patient including injury and pain. My goal is to help each patient restore lost energy, vitality, harmony, balance and to see an overall improvement in their quality of life. Each patient will receive sophisticated healing strategies tailored for their body’s individual needs in a comfortable and caring environment. The strategies will involve a comprehensive picture of your overall health and are individually tailored with the goal of decreasing pain, optimizing functionality and harmonizing the human body. Studies have shown a person in harmony is less likely to experience disease or have chronic pain and will live a higher quality of life. I truly care about people and use more than 20 years of healthcare experience to treat you as a unique and special human being. I invite you to schedule an appointment or call and visit if you have any questions. 

(615) 336-0955