Kenneth graduated from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine. Kenneth is a NCCAOM Board Certified Diplomat of Acupuncture with State Licensing. Kenneth graduated at the top of his class and brings an additional 20+ years experience, as an RN, specializing in emergency room nursing.Kenneth is a practitioner of Reiki, and holds instructor certifications in Tsoi Li Ho kung fu and Cheng Man Ching style Tai Qi basic form. Kenneth is also a practitioner of Yin Style Bagua qi gong. Kenneth provides an integrated perspective to healing and treats the root causes of disease and imbalance while addressing the individual as a whole. My goal is to provide individuals with the information needed for the prevention of disease and the skills needed to heal in a more balanced and lasting manner. I have the ability to work with energy and facilitate healing from many different perspectives. I also have the ability to understand and integrate healing treatments in the way the patient need.



Kenneth Fletcher

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